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PLG - Commercial LendingPLG offers funding to meet most financial requests. If your business, commercial real estate or global project needs funding, PLG is the solution.

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    Welcome to PLG Capital Funding Group LLC, located in the Detroit suburb Livonia, MI, where we pride ourselves in being a proven innovator in the changing world of financial services.  Our niche of commercial financing products are sure to provide the help you have been seeking. Together the PLG group of companies have over 40 years experience in the financial industry, specializing in everything from Equipment Leasing to Commercial Mortgage Lending and, for our private wealth clientele, our  Private Placement Programs (PPP).

    Welcome To PLGOur Clients needs are important to us. We strive to bring our years of knowledge and know how in  real estate investments, project funding, structured financing, international project funding, and project development financing to the table to assist in meeting their goals.

    Please take your time and review our offerings and feel free to contact us at your leisure. When you are ready to make a decision to turn the corner in your financial journey we will be here ready to assist.

    PLG Private Wealth
    PLG Private Wealth Department is proud to offer a financial solution to your long term savings goals and plans. Many programs once thought to be the best options available for better securing your future, have become more susceptible to risk and high management fees rather than reward.

    PLG Capital Funding Group LLC decided to do more, offering opportunities to help you confidently invest in your future,  achieve your savings goals, and give you peace of mind!

    Private WealthCurrent Program Rates and Terms

    • PLG500   – 4% (1 year term)
    • PLG700   – 6% (2 year term)
    • PLG900   – 8% (3 year term)
    • PLG1000  – 9% (3 year term)

    Rate earned annually. Ask a representative today about our current promotions for new accounts.

    PLG - Private Wealth

    To learn more about Private Wealth opportunities please click here to read more, or call 877-552-4869 ext 602 to speak with a representative today.

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    pre-qualifyPLG Capital Funding Group LLC offers a variety of customized commercial financing options that are perfect for borrowers with all sorts of requirements. No matter what your personal situation is, our team of expert commercial mortgage brokers are sure to be able to assist you, even if your personal or professional credit history isn’t pristine. Financing commercial real estate doesn’t have to be challenging with our wide range of loan options. Let us teach you about all of the choices we have available; these include stated income mortgages and full doc mortgages.

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